It hurts under the armpit on the woman’s left: causes, signs of benign and malignant tumors. Why does pain arise under the arm of the left hand, does the lymph node in women hurt?

Causes of pain under the armpit in women.

Everyone saw an antiperspirant ad that tells you that you can get rid of the smell of sweat for the whole day. But few people know what is under the armpit and why pain can occur in this area. In this article, we will familiarize ourselves with the causes that were under the armpits, as well as how to treat them.

Why it hurts under the arm: reasons

This area is very sensitive, because it is located between the shoulder joint, as well as the chest. There are many muscles and nerve endings. In addition, there are lymph nodes in the armpit. Accordingly, the causes of pain can be either an infection or a tumor of a malignant or benign nature.

Causes of pain under the armpit:

  • Lymphadenitis - This is an inflammation of the lymph nodes, which most often occurs due to the penetration of infection into the body. It is in these areas that lymphocytes are produced that fight infection. With a huge amount of antibody production, the lymph nodes can increase in size.
  • Bitch udder or hydradenitis. It is also an infectious disease, which is a capsule filled with pus, inside which are staphylococci. Such diseases are most often treated surgically if conservative therapy does not help.
  • Irritation as well as allergy. Occurs when using antiperspirants or deodorants. Allergies and irritation are possible after shugaring or waxing. The area in this area is very sensitive, so severe pain and burning may occur after the hair removal procedure, which takes several days. But often in this area suppuration can form, due to improper care after depilation.
  • Boils, ulcers. Occur often after shaving or hair removal. In place of the ingrown hair, pus can accumulate, which leads to the appearance of boils. The fact is that this area is favorable for the spread and growth of bacteria. Therefore, re-emergence of abscesses is possible, which requires surgical treatment.
  • Tuberculosis and syphilis. During the fight against these diseases, inflammation occurs in the lymph nodes. If inflammation of the lymph nodes is not treated for a long time, this can lead to the appearance and spread of infection throughout the body. This kind of inflammation of the lymph nodes is accompanied by temperature, general malaise, and vomiting is also possible.
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It hurts under the armpit on the woman’s left: causes

It is worth noting that in women, armpit pain is observed much more often than in men. This is due to the fact that the female representatives have mammary glands.

Causes of pain under the armpit on the left in women:

  • Mastalgia. This is not really a disease. Painful sensations in the area of ​​the mammary gland and armpits, which arise due to hormonal imbalance. Most often appear immediately before menstruation, in a few days, and then, after menstruation, pass without a trace. This kind of pain must be treated not with anti-inflammatory or analgesics, but with hormones. That is, when the hormonal balance is restored, the pain disappears.
  • Pain after surgery. Most often observed in the case of partial or complete removal of the breast in women due to tumors. The fact is that under the arms there is a huge number of nerve endings. It takes several months to recover from surgery on the chest. Therefore, pain in the armpit after surgery, for 2-3 months, is considered the norm.
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It hurts under the arm of the left hand in women: signs of benign and malignant tumors

Tumors of a benign and malignant nature often arise in the armpits. Basically, their appearance is observed in women of reproductive age, as well as after menopause.

Signs of cancer:

  • It is worth noting that cancer is usually diagnosed much earlier than any first symptoms appear, that is, pulling pains. Accordingly, after the appearance of a lump under the arm, it is necessary to carefully examine the chest for seals, as well as discharge from the nipple.
  • The fact is that with a breast tumor, an inverted nipple and discharge from the nipple region, which are in no way associated with breastfeeding, are very often observed. That is, any discharge of yellow or bloody color is the reason you should visit a doctor.
  • With breast cancer, an increase or change in the shape of the gland is also observed, there may be dents, or vice versa, some bulges of an incomprehensible nature. If a seal is found in the chest or armpit that does not hurt, does not bother, you need to contact a therapist to determine the nature of this bump and what it is associated with.
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The lymph node under the arm hurts: what to do?

Lymph nodes are the foundation of our lymphatic system. It is here that the body reacts when an infection enters it. Because in this area there are bodies that fight directly against infections, as well as viruses. Therefore, inflammation in the lymph node indicates that some infection has entered the body. Often a lump in this area occurs immediately after you have had an infectious disease.

Most often, this can be observed during measles, chickenpox, flu or a more serious illness of internal organs. After the treatment of diseases, the lymph nodes return to normal. With the appearance of breast cancer, lymph nodes are often inflamed. Therefore, women, when contacting a therapist with inflammation of the lymph nodes, are prescribed a breast examination for benign and malignant tumors.

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Treatment of cones, lymph nodes should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. The fact is that in this area there are many important sites that are responsible for the functioning of the whole organism. Accordingly, after the onset of inflammation, an increase in the lymph node, or after the formation of a lump, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

In no case is it allowed to apply a hot or warm compress to sore places, boils and bumps. It is also impossible to warm them with some lamps or apply ointments. Not knowing the causes of the disease, all these measures can worsen the situation, while introducing an additional infection.

If there is a bump or pain under the arm, it is worth contacting a therapist who can determine the cause and refer to a specialist for further consultation and treatment.

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