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Transplanting and propagating strawberries and wild strawberries by garden dividing the bush and for rejuvenation in the summer, autumn after harvesting: dates, description of the technology, the distance between the bushes and rows, planting scheme. How to share strawberry bushes, strawberries when transplanting?

Rejuvenation of strawberry beds by dividing the bush. 2-3 years after the start of fruiting, strawberry bushes weaken and give a not so good berry crop. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to renew and rejuvenate the planting of strawberries. To do this, use the method of cuttings, as well as propagation with antennae. But there is another way - the division of the roots.
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Nystatin - tablets, suppositories, ointment: indications, dosage, instructions for use, analogues, reviews. Is it possible to take pills, suppositories, Nystatin ointment during pregnancy, menstruation, for children, women, men? Nystatin: how many times to drink per day and for how long?

Methods of taking Nystatin in suppositories and tablets. Thrush is a fairly common ailment that affects people of any age. Most often, candidiasis of the oral cavity in infants and the vaginal mucosa. The most inexpensive and effective for the treatment of thrush is mono called Nystatin. Nystatin tablets: indications, dosage, instructions for use, drink before or after meals. Nystatin tablets are in demand and sold in a pharmacy without a prescription.
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What was the highest Christmas tree in the world, Europe, and where did it stand? The highest New Year and Christmas tree Guinness record: height, photo. Photos of the most beautiful tall New Year and Christmas trees in the world

Rating of the highest and most unusual Christmas trees in the world. In each city, on the eve of the New Year holidays, in one of the central squares, a huge artificial or real Christmas tree is usually installed. It is decorated with light bulbs, garlands, a variety of toys. Also, ice rinks, New Year's fairs and pretty entertainment towns are often arranged near the Christmas tree.
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